A father takes care of his child.

Raising children is an incredible and incomparable experience. And it is in no way easy, even for seasoned parents in a two-parent household. The stakes can be higher for single parents, especially single dads.

As single dads, you may have had to deal with society’s preconceived doubts about being truly capable of caring for your child. You have to navigate through the stereotype of being incapable of performing basic parenting tasks.

These doubts and stereotypes are heightened especially because of how mothers are seen as nurturers as compared to fathers. This leads to the assumption that most dads, single or…

A child sneezing into a tissue paper.

Ever since the advent of COVID-19 last March, the lives of parents and kids around the world have not been the same. In a world where germs are persistent and omnipresent, it can seem difficult to protect babies from illness in the first place. While much about COVID-19 is unknown, we do know that its spread among children represents what is happening in larger communities. COVID-19, thankfully, does not seem to affect children as badly.

In America, data reported states that between 0.1 and 1.9 per cent of children with COVID-19 were hospitalized, with only 0.03 per cent of cases…

A child’s piggy bank, is its first bank.

Teaching kids about money for the first time — A guide

It is no secret that money and the knowledge of how to use it are imperative to do well in life. It is required in every sphere of life- from education to finding homes and building a family later in life. As a parent, you want nothing more than for your child to be secure and independent. This includes teaching them life skills that they need to survive. A good financial foundation ensures that they make smart decisions about money from a young age. …

Teaching kindness and love is very important.

It is the dream of every parent to raise good kids. After all, manners maketh man. Kindness is an important virtue that needs to be inculcated in children early on. Teaching kids kindness in their formative years can have a strong impact on their growth. Children who are taught kindness early in their childhood are emotionally intelligent, generous, and go on to become good members of society.

If you are wondering what the best age is to introduce the concept, the earlier the better. While there is no perfect age for milestones, it is important to make your child understand…

Baby wearing berrytree onesie
Honey and babies.

Since olden times, honey has doubled up as a wonderful health food as well as a delicious treat. It features prominently in various cultures and is a part of the daily diet of numerous people around the world. It’s popularity and mild flavor might incline you to add it to your baby’s diet too. However, doctors recommend waiting at least until your little one’s first birthday before adding it to their diet. Once it is safe to do so, honey for babies has several health benefits. …

Top gift ideas for moms.

Everyone loves gifts, it is a great way to show someone how much you appreciate them. Mothers are one of the most important people in our lives and they work hard just so that our lives are easier. That’s where good gift ideas for mom comes in, whether it’s a birthday, an engagement, or a Christmas prep. It could be a nostalgic homage to the family she created.

A customized and stylish cushion will remind her of your love before she goes to bed. There are other utility gifts that you can personalize, such as key chains, cards, and photo…

Birthday Cake.

Gift ideas for men -

It is finally the holiday season and I bring you a comprehensive guide to gift ideas for men in your life. Now, for women and children gift giving can be easy, but when it comes to men it can be rather complicated. That is why we have put together a guide that would help you get something special for all the men in your life.

  1. Trendy Eyewear:

Sunglasses are often the best gifts for men, as they love it as a fashion accessory. So, why not go the extra mile and get them this pair of trendy ‘Rayban’ Sunglasses, that…

Few ladies working out at the gym.

Exercise often takes a back seat for new moms. For them, sleep and caring for their growing family takes priority. However, if new mothers make time for even small bursts of exercise, they can find that they have more energy for themselves and their little ones. Even 10 minutes is better than nothing, and it will help you greatly.

The common challenge here is to find time for exercising as a growing baby takes up a lot of time. We at BerryTree, have compiled a comprehensive guide to starting your fitness routine back up after having a baby.

Finding the…

P:10 A Collection of the Best Outfit Quotes and Fashion Captions for Instagram.

girl wearing berrytree organic dress
A cute girl wearing Organic Cotton Dress by berrytree.

What is fashion?

Fashion is commonly described as the dominant style or way of dressing and behavior of society in a particular period, heavily insinuating that fashion is characterized by change. Fashion can apply to a wide range of objects, from furniture to automobiles. However, fashion related to clothing is primarily under the lens due to the deeply intertwining relationship of clothing with the expression of an individual. …

A Complete Guide to Bonding with your Baby.

Have you ever thought about the intense attachment you feel with your baby? This is the feeling that helps you stay up all night caring for your angel, this is the feeling that makes you want to bombard the baby with kisses and loads of love and protect them from harm forever.

Intuitive for both you and your little one, there are also benefits of bonding with babies. Scientists have found it to be essential for a child’s social and cognitive development. …

Berrytree India

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