P:03 The Recyclable Packaging by berrytree.

berrytree packaging
Recycled brown bags by berrytree

Let’s talk about ‘Good Packaging’ in e-commerce.

So, we’ve been going on and on about sustainability and best practices to help the environment. One of the key discussions at the recent seminar for e-commerce companies was ‘How do we make our processes better’.

While most of the people spoke about how to increase efficiencies and how to save costs, one of the panelists pointed out that making processes better was not only related to achieving higher profits, but was also to understand how we could do things in a better way so we can protect the environment. Its a blatant truth that we use a lot of plastic in our e-commerce operations on a daily basis — right from transporting goods from manufacturer to the warehouse, to storing them at the warehouse, to packaging them and shipping them to the customer. Let’s talk about this and find solutions to reduce our dependency on plastics.

We believe, discussions like these are important and help us improve more. At that point, we were able to stand up and share some insights on processes we adopt at berrytree. Since inception, we have always used paper packaging to deliver our goods to our customers. We even mention that this paper packaging is made from completely recycled paper and no new tree was cut in procuring them. We further stressed on the fact that we re-use all the plastic bags at our warehouse as much as possible. Sometimes we even send our old ply bags to our manufacturers to transport new products to us. I can proudly say that some of our poly-bags have been with us since the last 5 years.

This is more important to us internally as well, as we believe in the ‘organic way of life’ and sell baby clothes like night suits and rompers which are only made in Organic Cotton. When you look for our best selling night suit for girl, you will see a glimpse of the packaging we use.

Many parents have often come back to us and told us about their experience of shopping with us. One point they always raise is the brown paper (recycled paper) packaging we used. They were so happy to see someone utilizing their resources so efficiently. It further strengthens our communication to parents that want to take steps towards a sustainable future and choose organic over conventional products. They want to drive a change, or at least, be a part of it.

When you buy berrytree, you buy a promise.

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